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We deliver the best practices of internal control which is a strategic advantage for fund managers. Using Truss Edge, managers are able to segregate front, middle and back offices while leveraging our single source platform to avoid inefficiencies and latencies created by the existing systems on the market.

Our Safari system brings together in a single platform OMS, PMS, reconciliation, risk and general ledger features. At the same time, we bring the depth of functionality that is expected of best of breed, distinct applications in a single realtime application. By doing this our users gain the advanced intelligence and immediacy that only a single platform can bring.

The Truss Edge advantage is our manager focused architecture, developed by fund managers for their own businesses and now available to other hedge funds and ETFs. We deliver the customized data and portfolio solutions that can help your business scale efficiently.

Truss Edge Chief Strategy Officer Dave Shastri, explains what Truss Edge does for their clients.

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Unique ETF PM challenges

Fee compression, reaching a sustainable size, engaging sales channels. With expensive legacy platforms taking focus away from what’s important. Having a modern solution designed specifically for all types of ETF strategies and structures is a competitive advantage.


We are new to the ETF space and need a proven roadmap to operate it.

We have developed our ETF Portfolio Solutions over 12 years by working with ETF managers to build a comprehensive platform. Leverage our experience to enter the ETF industry with confidence.


We have plans to grow a diversified ETF business and want to handle the future without system deficiencies.

We don’t compromise on the breadth and depth of our ETF platform. Whether using synthetically replicates, physically replicated or active ETFs, we deliver the full capability in a single uncompromising solution.


We want to have a controlled cost of operations rather than using legacy infrastructure.

Truss Edge has the modern technology that delivers the full portfolio management solution. We align with our clients, and costs are predictable. No worry for the unknown impacting your growth.


I see too many ETF managers relying on spreadsheets and workarounds to manage their funds. We need quality real-time portfolio management process.

No compromises, full STP automation and exacting reconciliation so that your Portfolio is operating on the best platform. Manage your distribution, risk and integration with our single system.

Hedge Funds rising above the crowd

Managing costs, conserving capital, competing with the giants. Innovation is the hallmark of hedge funds. A modern OMS and PMS with quality data is needed, supported by securities professionals who know everything about your portfolio. Having both automation and securities expertise in one solution brings huge advantages.


We need accurate and timely information to manage our portfolio.

We deliver straight through processing automation to the trade life cycle as well as our 3-way reconciliation process so that the manager can rely on the Safari portfolio as their golden source.


We want to keep a streamlined investment team and not focus on operations.

Our portfolio management solution provides run the business operations so that our highly experienced team is yours. And when you need to grow, we run your change the business projects too.


We need as long a runway as possible and that means managing the cost of our infrastructure.

We align to our clients, providing portfolio management in a single system without compromises on depth of functionality and quality of service.


We have plans to grow our business, but don’t want to have to change systems and hire staff to do it.

Our solution brings you the ability to scale, whether by adding new funds and strategies, growing assets or ensuring investor due diligence is met. We bring institutional quality infrastructure to independent managers.

We connect the dots for fund managers that are looking for that elusive front-to-back portfolio management solution. Let us show you!
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