“They definitely work with us. It is always a conversation around how quickly do you need it, rather than can we do it.”

Peter Finn
Co-Head ETF Portfolio Management Legal & General


We believe that it’s an enormous advantage to segregate front, middle and back offices for internal control purposes, but place them on a single source platform to avoid the inefficiency and latency of the existing systems available in the market.

The Truss Edge advantage is our manager focused architecture, developed by fund managers for fund managers. We deliver the customized data and portfolio solutions that can help your business scale efficiently.

Truss Edge Chief Strategy Officer Dave Shastri, explains what Truss Edge does for their clients. 

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The complete portfolio management technology

Orders, executions and trades
Compliance, risk and liquidity
Cash & Trade, settlement and integrated reconciliation (T0 & T+1)
Valuations, accounting and performance
Process automation and data discovery built-in
Straight through processing efficiency
Bespoke dashboard and reporting to run your portfolio effectively

An investment team to operate and scale your investment business

Scalable outsourced operational support designed to grow with your business
On-boarding, changing the business and project management team
Custom process design, documentation and implementation by a dedicated operations team
Operational management controls, task and review scheduling and key performance indicators
Oversight of external parties ensuring the quality of your data and reporting

Externally audited process and technology environment to ISO 3402

We ensure that your portfolio information is precise and timely so that you can rely on this information in support of your investment decisions and reporting.

We join the dots for fund managers that are looking for that elusive front-to-back portfolio management solution. Let us show you!

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