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Truss Edge is a portfolio management system that joins the dots for funds that are looking for that elusive front to back solution. We often hear such integration talked about, but in reality it is rarely delivered.

Trusted Technology

Based in Chicago, Truss Edge has been serving the needs of fund managers for almost two decades. Our portfolio management system has evolved as a result of the practical, day-to-day needs of our clients. We built it because they needed it.

An Experienced Team

Truss Edge is staffed by a team of experienced personnel, many of whom have over 20 years’ track record supporting portfolio management systems.

Our exceptional trade support and accounting teams have proven industry experience that we can bring to your organization, alongside our tailored and scalable Software as a Service (SaaS).

Why Work With Truss Edge For Your Portfolio Management Needs?

Our portfolio management systems are relied upon by a range of clients, including both traditional and alternative fund managers, CTAs, ETFs and wealth management platforms – choose which components to use.


Our clients trust us to help them with their day-to-day front, middle and back office operations, working as an integral part of their team.


Our proprietary Safari portfolio management system delivers the real benefits of STP to portfolio managers and traders.


We are not tied to individual service providers and work closely with administrators and prime brokers to deliver the service efficiencies you require.


No need for cumbersome and expensive installations – our plug-and-play portfolio management system gives you unparalleled cost-effective SaaS and Business Process Outsourcing.


Truss Edge has been working with asset managers since 1998. Our technology was devised to meet the practical needs asset managers have for efficient real-time portfolio management systems.

We were created by a multi-strategy fund management firm to fulfil a vision of establishing control over a global group of portfolio managers and traders within a real-time platform. That vision included the desire to establish compliance and risk management oversight of the group’s investments and client accounts and funds.

It was also essential to segregate front, middle and back offices for internal control purposes, but place them on a single source platform to avoid the inefficiency and latency of the existing systems available in the market.

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