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05Dec 19

Manual risks in hedge fund trade processing

One of the key themes that emerged from our 2019 white paper on Hedge Fund Portfolio Management Systems was the problem of manual trade processing. Many start up and early stage funds will still rely on spreadsheets as a cheap way to process and report their trading activity
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03Oct 18

Five ways to improve the automation of ETFs and hedge funds

While markets are becoming more efficient every month, COOs may be finding that the tools they have to hand are not keeping pace with the latest requirements. Here are some ways technology like our Safari platform can help fund management firms to get ahead of the efficiency curve.
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30Aug 18

Automating your hedge fund MIFID II compliance

Embedding the new MiFID II regulatory reporting requirements into your operational processes is easier said than done. There are a number of issues hedge fund COOs will need to consider in order to achieve a smooth and efficient level of reporting.
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