Truss Edge sponsors new white paper on the transatlantic divide in ETF distribution

Truss Edge has supported the publication of a new white paper from Blackwater Search and Advisory on the different characters of the European and US ETF industries. This is something that is frequently remarked upon, and the white paper sheds some useful light on the topic.

The white paper can be downloaded here.

The white paper breaks down into the following areas:

  • Why European ETF market is fragmented
  • The differing taxation aspect for investors
  • Impact of the differing retail distribution landscape
  • Importance of 401k plans for US market evolution

The white paper provides an excellent summary for ETF managers and prospective ETF managers who wish to consider their transatlantic distribution options. Effective distribution of ETF is a critical part of a successful launch and should not be underestimated when considering an ETF strategy.

Truss Edge and the ETF sector

ETF managers on both sides of the Atlantic use our technology to support their day to day operations. Modular in nature, Truss Edge automates ETF operations with straight-through integration to ETF counterparties and participants.  Truss Edge supports fund managers who wish to create ETF products and require assistance with the practical demands this presents.

Based in London and Chicago, our team is very experienced in many of the requirements of the respective regional markets and can also support those fund managers who are structuring ETFs in both Europe and North America.

About Blackwater Search & Advisory

Blackwater Search & Advisory is a global boutique ETF / digital assets consulting and recruitment firm. We specialise in helping asset managers build their ETF platform, grow assets under management and source the best talent the industry has to offer.

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