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Truss Edge launches Insight to provide fund managers with better oversight of their data

Truss Edge has launched Insight this month as part of a range of updates to its core SaaS (Software As A Service) offering. Insight has been designed to provide fund managers with an easy to access overview of critical data within their operations.

Insight provides fund managers with a menu of widgets allowing them to build a revolutionary new picture of key areas of portfolio reporting, including factor analyses, risk, liquidity and performance information, as well as compliance, regulation, settlement, reconciliation and accounting features.

“The purpose of these new dashboards is to serve up to users the essential portfolio management data they need, in a way that meets the needs of different job functions within a fund management business,” said Jay Duffy, CEO of Truss Edge. “This can vary from compliance/control through to improving portfolio performance. The dashboard is highly flexible – users can select the widgets that will be helpful for their own needs.”

The launch of Insight comes as part of a suite of improvements to Truss Edge’s award-winning suite of SaaS tools.

Other features that have been further enhanced this month include full accounting and valuation alignment with independent records – e.g. those maintained by third party administrators. Truss Edge already provides reconciliation of a fund manager’s accounting records with the administrator’s records. This fully automated system is now being enhanced with standardized break identification across the system, highlighting of breaks, specification of cash account, a notes feature and improved break research.

The Truss Edge  security reconciliation feature has also been further improved and will now allow the core Truss Edge records to be reconciled with the street, including when the technology is being used in a multi-prime or multi-custody environment. This means that the accuracy of the data flow can be verified. It will also mean that fund managers can better visualize any breaks and get improved perspective on individual items. There is also support for brokers that are not fully automated.

“Truss Edge continuously improves its technology for asset managers as client demands, markets and regulations continue to evolve,” said Dave Shastri, Head of Strategy at Truss Edge. “We want our technology to remain both flexible and useful when it comes to interactions with prime brokers and fund administrators, both of them essential relationships for asset managers.”

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