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Truss Edge Launches Improvements For Award Winning Hedge Fund Middle Office Technology

Truss Edge has announced further functionality and enhancements to its award-winning straight through processing technology platform for hedge funds.

Created out of a macro hedge fund operation in 1998, Truss Edge is an independent technology and advisory firm that supports small and large hedge funds alike with cutting edge technology within their middle office environment. Truss Edge has won plaudits for both its technology and the close cooperation between the international Truss Edge team and its clients.

Truss Edge updates its technology offering every month in response to the ongoing requirements of its diverse range of clients in both the hedge fund and ETF sectors.

The latest features that have been added include:

Speedy access

Truss Edge has enhanced the core menu system, helping users to interact and seek better ways to do what they need.  A Search feature has been added so that users can point precisely at the function they need and go directly there. In testing users found this to be tremendously useful.

Additional improvements have been made to ensure support in the standards-compliant primary browsers of Google’s Chrome, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Edge, using the latest versions that firms should be employing. We require that users run the latest browsers that vendors support to limit vulnerabilities.

Trade editor accessibility

Navigation on the Trade Editor has been improved so that it is accessible in logical places in the user’s workflow.

Manual transactions modernized

Corrections to the manual transactions were made including some display improvements.  This feature is used extensively for non-trade activity and was fully modernized.

Swaps updated

The swaps security type has been enhanced, allowing a user to easily set up a swap where there is no rate index.  In addition, further user tools to speed processing by providing pre-fill options for swap proceeds have been provided. The Swaps payment screen has been modernized to match the latest Truss Edge framework – our software architecture.

Dividend booking

Users have the ability to review the processing of dividends and other entitlements in the Dividend Receivable Matrix.  This feature has been upgraded in line with the framework providing improved usability.

Cash Activity Reconciliation

A key feature in the middle office is reconciliation: that ensures Truss Edge data is verified against the street, giving the portfolio manager the confidence in portfolio precision. There are over a dozen reconciliations processed on the Truss Edge platform, and the cash reconciliation is now modernized to the framework.

Jay Duffy, CEO of Truss Edge, said: “Our enterprise application is continuously modernized to support users with improvements that have a direct impact on functionality and usability.  In this latest release the investment in the user interface continues.  Our goal is automation, to provide hedge funds with efficiencies and cost savings and enable them to focus on important investment management tasks without being distracted by complex operational issues.”

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