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Truss Edge introduces new trade entry functionality and tax reporting for ETFs and hedge funds

Truss Edge has announced the latest update to its true STP Safari platform. Safari grew out of the operational and reporting needs of a large macro hedge fund, and now serves the front, middle and back office automation requirements of both hedge funds and ETFs.

The new release for Safari includes a number of features that will improve the efficiency and user experience for fund managers:

Modernization of trade entry

The Truss Edge Safari trade entry feature has been modernized to our latest software architecture in keeping with the Truss Edge goal of maintaining technical readiness.  Safari handles trading in over 30 instrument types and derivations covering global markets supported by the securities economics and accounting that clients rely on.

The feature replacement is a significant project.  In keeping with the agile development approach and our DevOps platform, it includes components which have been introduced over a number of months, with the final release now fully available.

Enhanced dividend tax support

Safari now collects and supports the use of franked dividend using market data rates.  This allows the client to understand their applicable tax credits.

Improved cash flow reporting

Safari maintains all the sources of cashflow information available from securities including trading, corporate events and non-trade related activity.  This information is now being made available in the user defined reporting feature so that users may themselves incorporate cash flow information in their custom reports.

Jay Duffy, CEO of Truss Edge, commented:

“Safari is a highly dynamic platform that has continuously evolved over two decades of market activity. We work very closely with our clients to make sure they get the operational experience they are looking for. As market and regulatory demands evolve, we are constantly working to make sure that the specific reporting requirements of funds are met.”

Truss Edge works with hedge funds, ETFs and their service providers to deliver front to back trade processing and reporting tools. This includes supporting everything from start-up hedge funds to some of the biggest ETF and passive fund managers in the market.

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