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Truss Edge enhances tools across its award-winning technology platform for fund managers

  • New features at both front office and back office levels
  • Modular system gets improvements to OMS, performance calculation and VaR
  • Further enhancements to security reconciliations and data improvements for fund back offices

Truss Edge has updated its suite of fund manager tools to provide an even more efficient and robust set of processes. The new improvements are being applied to both the front office and the back office systems delivered by Truss Edge to fund management clients.

Order management system

While Truss Edge clients already have the option to use its order management system to enter cash orders without the instruments being set up in the system’s security master, they can now also do this for swap orders. This means the swap order can now be booked without the swap instrument being set up beforehand, saving time in the front office.

Performance calculations

Truss Edge has also added further computations on the duration of a holding so that trade lot reporting provides a better context for profit and loss reporting.

Value at Risk enhancements

Truss Edge has also extended the options available to fund managers using its VaR reporting by adding further options for confidence intervals in the calculations.  Fund managers are often finding that using the Truss Edge integrated VaR saves time and cost on a utility that can otherwise be quite expensive with standalone risk systems.

Further enhancements have also been made to the back office tools available to fund managers:

Security reconciliation improvements

Truss Edge has also implemented configurable utilities for business analysts to its security reconciliations and improved automated matching of trade activity. Position and trade reconciliation pages have been merged so that users now have better visibility.  Maintaining efficient reconciliations is integral to delivering accurate information to portfolio managers.

Data import additions

Truss Edge provides a high degree of straight through processing (STP) for clients which ensures speed, efficiency and accuracy in fund mangers’ business operations.  Business analysts within investment firms need a lot of flexibility when managing the consumption of these numerous sources of data, that can have disparate standards and formats.  Truss Edge added to the tools available to users to normalize the import files by incorporating data uniquely in Truss Edge’s system such as reference and computed information, to be used in managing these data imports.  Ultimately the greater degree of STP, the more timely, cost effective and precise the investment manager’s business becomes.

“We pride ourselves on delivering a highly flexible, highly modular set of technology tools to asset managers,” said Jay Duffy, CEO of Truss Edge. “These tools are constantly enhanced as we serve the changing needs of our clients. Truss Edge is not a one size fits all system; it needs to grow and evolve with the requirements of fund managers. These latest enhancements show how we continue to build on our existing success to deliver unparalleled technology into the market.”

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