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Truss Edge adds new features for fund managers to flagship tech platform

  • Enhancements cover FIX, reconciliations and exports
  • Further upgrades for user experience widgets
  • Improved version of Strategy Matrix for portfolio managers

Truss Edge is pleased to announce its latest suite of enhancements for its clients.

Truss Edge is used by a wide variety of asset managers and is eminently scalable for fast-growing firms or those seeking to diversify into new structures or asset classes. Regular software updates, many of them requested by clients, continued to improve this technology, designed by fund managers for fund managers.

The following features are now available immediately for companies using the Truss Edge platform –

FIX – The FIX protocol is used extensively to communicate security orders between firms. Truss Edge has enhanced the FIX features used in its OEMS to improve user control over certain real-time options. The automation of the security master for traded derivatives via FIX, updating the derivative’s underlying security, has also been enhanced.

Reconciliation – Reconciliations are a critical feature of the Truss Edge platform, ensuring the quality of data for the management of portfolios. The latest update has enhanced reconciliation break analysis for confirmation by fund / managed account has been improved along with matching of transactions that are grouped together.

Widget Manager – a new color palette feature has been added to the widget manager configuration used in the Truss Edge Insight dashboard. This improves the ability to graphically design these important information elements for users.

Strategy Matrix – Portfolio management teams use Strategies to associate one or more securities into a group of investments for a specific purpose. Truss Edge has enhanced its proprietary Strategy Matrix feature that automates the allocation of trades to Strategies by improving the logic based on identifying the most specific Rule within the matrix.

Exports – One of the ways in which system data is delivered to external applications is via data exports. The Export Manager has been enhanced to include filtering by Trading Desk and we have added features that extend the ability to investigate data production.

“Our technology continues to be refined and enhanced as fund manager demands evolve,” explained Dave Shastri, Head of Strategy at Truss Edge. “The user experience is particular important to us – this latest set of updates includes enhancements that will make even more useful for managers who want to introduce more automation into their middle and back office.”

Jay Duffy, CEO of Truss Edge, also commented: “Fund managers today are facing more operational challenges than ever – for example, launching active ETFs or cryptocurrency funds. This makes it imperative that the right technology package is in place to meet reporting and oversight requirements. These latest enhancements will improve an asset management technology suite that is already cutting edge.”

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