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Trade monitoring and reporting improvement with latest release for Safari

Truss Edge has announced the latest update to its Safari platform.  Safari grew out of the operational and reporting needs of a large macro hedge fund, and now serves the middle and back office automation requirements of both hedge funds and ETFs.

The new release for Safari includes a number of features that will improve the efficiency and user experience for fund managers:

Improved flexibility for exceptions identification

Managing oversight reporting requires that Safari sends information to recipients on a regular and often continuous basis.  The new feature continues to improve the flexibility for users to identify control exceptions, progressing the focus onto specific control issues.

Prior to this amendment, control reports were either always sent or only sent when conditions were met. In order to make this more effective, a new option has been provided so that reporting, typically control reporting, can now be delivered when conditions are not met.

Improved breaks and errors monitoring

Safari operations are heavily managed by exception.  Control information is often driven to the user’s dashboard to control these exceptions.  Truss Edge has added a new capability to add alerts in cases where processes for security management are not carried out, improving users’ oversight of data management and continuously reducing breaks and other errors.

Enhanced withholding tax reporting

Safari accounts for withholding tax and this has been enhanced to allow for shares in companies that are domiciled in a different country from where they are listed.

Security enhancements

As a highly straight through processing environment, Safari is continuously updated to address external data integration.  Additional improvements have been extended to support greater cyber security for specific counterparties.

Jay Duffy, CEO of Truss Edge, commented:

“We are continuously improving Safari to meet the demands of both fund managers and their stakeholders. This entails utilizing feedback from managers of very sophisticated investment strategies, operating in demanding regulatory and operational environments. These latest improvements to Safari will help to increase the levels of oversight portfolio managers and administrators have on what is happening to trades, while at the same time giving them better reporting tools.”

Truss Edge works with hedge funds, ETFs and their service providers to deliver front to back trade processing and reporting tools. This includes everything from start-up hedge funds to some of the biggest ETF and passive fund managers in the market.

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