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Truss Edge has been designed to support the day-to-day trading and reconciliation needs of hedge funds of all types. Our proprietary Safari technology platform gives you the tools you need to meet the demanding requirements of investors and regulators without having to expand your headcount.

Truss Edge has evolved as a result of the demands made by hedge funds. If we have built it, it is because fund managers have needed it and have asked for it.

In addition the Truss Edge Team has decades of experience working alongside hedge funds and the expertise to develop the solutions you require.

Why Hedge Funds Use Truss Edge

The modular and highly scalable nature of our technology means funds can add the technology they need when they need it, without having to buy new systems.

Software As A Service (SaaS):

All the functionality of our OMS and back and middle office automated processing is accessible via secure web interface. Use one system rather than 10.

Data Expertise

We process data at an intrinsic level (e.g. full economics including corporate actions). Hedge funds can access a broad range of data to support their portfolio management processes and reporting, with live links to all the main data sources for over 90% of the available markets.

Fund Allocations

Efficiently track trades between different funds and accounts and allocate them to clients on a pari passu basis or a specified proportion.

Our Road Map For Hedge Fund Portfolio Management

As a fast growing hedge fund business, you will want to concentrate on the needs of your clients and your investment performance. Working with Truss Edge brings you a combination of our operational expertise with our established report writing capabilities and best practices guidelines. Our technology comes ready-shaped to address the tough questions investors and regulators are asking.

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