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For ETFs

Truss Edge is ideal for ETFs and other passive investment funds. Use our unique front and middle office solutions for exchange traded funds.

For Hedge Funds

Truss Edge has been designed to support the day to day trading and reconciliation needs of hedge funds of all types. Our proprietary Safari technology platform gives you the tools you need to meet the demanding day to day requirements of investors and regulators without having to expand your headcount.

For Family Offices

We provide family offices with a flexible solution that can address many of their unique operational requirements. Our technology is easy to implement, fully supported by a highly experienced project management team.

The Safari Edge

At the center of the Truss Edge experience lies Safari, our proprietary fund management system. Developed by fund managers to meet their own needs, it has evolved into a revolutionary tailored Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for a wide array of investment management strategies.

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