Scaling up the manco business with automation of risk, compliance and oversight tasks

The growth in the management company sector has been spectacular in the last 10 years.  But while there is a demand for third party solutions from asset managers, it also brings with it pressure for mancos to be responsive to regulatory and investor demands.

Fast growing mancos are finding it costly to scale up by simply hiring more personnel. But robust technology solutions like Truss Edge, developed over many years, can play an integral role in supporting manco growth and delivering efficient reporting.

Detailed oversight of funds and strategies

It is now possible to implement a solution that can oversee operational and investment risks across hundreds of client funds while also producing touch of a button reports for stakeholders and regulators.

Modular construction enables high levels of customisation

The pressures of the centralised risk management function also need to be met. A central technology solution with modular components can meet many of these oversight demands, with the ability to manage reports across dozens of different strategies at the same time.

Real time portfolio data and third party data connectivity

At Truss Edge we can work with mancos to help them leverage our flexible portfolio management technology to meet critical operational tasks. This includes keeping on top of real-time portfolio data from investment advisors and the third party data sources they use.

Expert team available to provide ongoing support

The Truss Edge technology platform has been developed over more than 20 years of at the coal face operations within multi-manager environments. It is backed up by a seasoned team of advisors who can provide their decades of asset management expertise to mancos.

From a compliance perspective, our interface can be used to implement a range of rules, with further customisation available as regulatory requirements change.

Here are some of the key features our manco clients can benefit from:

  • Proper and thorough oversight of day to day underlying manager activities and data
  • Customised compliance rules which can be applied on an individual fund / sub-fund basis
  • Proven analysis on reporting and activity – including investment exposure and operational risks
  • Seamless automated processing
  • Robust, integrated data reconciliation
  • Experienced operational support team available on an ongoing basis
  • Dashboards and alerts deliver a scalable platform

Truss Edge technology can be a major pillar of support for mancos and their clients who need to meet strict due diligence criteria from investors. Our technology is fully SOC certified by the AICPA and has received ISAE 3402 certification.

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