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Truss Edge brings you an automated system that cuts down on the man hours required for portfolio reconciliation. Reduce manual errors and integrate your reconciliation tasks with the rest of your business, drawing on the same data resources for a range of tasks.

Three Way Portfolio Reconciliation

We reconcile all your information on Safari so that you can be confident of accuracy. Reconciling trades, cash, fees, valuations and all associated data means Safari is your trusted source. We provide three-way reconciliations with your trading counterparties, including prime brokers, custodians and ISDA relationships. Truss Edge draws on over two decades of order management technology development and expertise, a premier service that covers:

Full administrator data of all positions, cash accounts, accruals and activity.

Optional hosted service that is available 24-7 and can be accessed from multiple venues.

Reconciling order execution and correcting any breaks with counterparties

Reconciling cash and accruals to banks and brokers

Flexible and adaptable technology that can integrate with your in-house systems with a minimum of fuss.

Full management of the technology resource and, if needed, the reconciliation process.

Reconciling brokerage fees delivering direct value to clients in assuring accurate charges

Rely On Our Team

Truss Edge is more than just a technology platform. We can provide you with the additional support of our highly experienced team of fund professionals, managing your reconciliations so that you can focus on more critical tasks.

Think of our team as part of your team!

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