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Our proprietary Safari technology can power all your portfolio accounting activities. Safari ensures all trade confirmations are maintained within a single independent system.

Full Portfolio Accounting

Safari delivers a full portfolio accounting process in line with industry best practice, but it goes beyond that, acting as a central data resource for all portfolio data, providing an independent record in support of your investment management activities.

A Central Portfolio Data Resource

Our Safari platform provides data to administrators and auditors and acts as a central resource for legal documentation and regulatory reports to draw on.

Truss Edge has evolved over years of practical application in the market, providing the data administrators and / or auditors require at month end or year end in an easily accessible and convenient format.

With Truss Edge your investment management team does not need to waste time on time consuming portfolio reporting tasks and can focus on managing your funds. Safari draws on high levels of automation, confirming trades and matching these at the broker level.

Truss Edge Client Web Portal
Independent Shadow Accounting

We make sure the fund accounting process is carried out to the highest levels of accuracy available.

We operate independently of both our clients and their administrators. We are not an administrator, but we can support your administrator in the striking of NAVs and the effective processing of subscriptions and redemptions.

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