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Fragmented data and a lack of cohesion between the component parts of a fund manager’s operations can present a constant hazard. Not only investors but regulators are paying close attention to how portfolio data is managed within your business. Having the right data management and reporting systems in place is now of critical importance.

Your Front To Back Portfolio Management Solution

The highly customizable Truss Edge portfolio management process is secure, web-based and easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

We combine front, middle and back office activities into Safari, the homogenous web-based system that can meet your precise processing and reporting needs.

Truss Edge Client Web Portal
Why Use Truss Edge?

Access your portfolio management data and reports remotely via a secure web interface.

Connect seamlessly to market counterparties, data providers and your legacy environment with our straight through processing.

Draw on our extensive library of existing report templates.

Download, access or schedule reports in the format that you require.

Permission access across your team according to your own operational requirements.

Operate from a single source, robust processing platform so that all processes are working from the same, accurate portfolio activity.

Use our report writer or work with our team to build highly customized reports.

Manage risk, exposure and compliance with the same system that handles order execution, settlement, reconciliation, regulation and accounting. Safari is the industry’s unique end to end platform.

Make Us Part Of Your Portfolio Management Process

Our cutting-edge services have their origin in Truss Edge’s pedigree as a global multi-strategy fund, operating the proprietary Safari portfolio management system with a cohesive and motivated team.

We recognize the importance of the portfolio management process to your day to day operations.

We will step into the process where you need us to, taking on the operational activities at any point from your initial order onward through the lifecycle.

From order execution to shadow accounting, make our team yours, bringing the breadth and depth of experience of a seasoned operations group to your organization.

We can also work with you to ensure your processes integrate securely with key service providers like fund administrators, prime brokers and market data sources.

The Truss Edge Portfolio Management Road Map

At Truss Edge we serve the needs of firms of all sizes; we are happy to work with early stage start-ups and boutiques. That is why our portfolio management processes have been designed to scale up as our clients’ demands change.

By using Truss Edge you also get access to our seasoned team of funds industry professionals, who can advise on best practices when it comes to establishing or expanding your portfolio management process.

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