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Comprehensive Investment Software

Fragmented data and a lack of cohesion between the component parts of a fund manager’s operations can present a constant hazard. Not only investors but regulators are paying close attention to how portfolio data is managed within your business. Having the right data management and reporting systems in place is now of critical importance.

Skillful Managed Data Services

At Truss Edge we understand the pressures our clients work under – to this end we have developed sophisticated middle and back office technology that can fit seamlessly with your other operations.

OTC Processing

Proper processing of OTC trades can be a challenge for the small to mid-sized firm. Truss Edge can give you the added advantage of our deep reservoir of data on the OTC market, matched only by the largest hedge funds and middle office institutions.

Order Execution

Use Truss Edge to manage your order flow across a wide range of trading venues and markets. Our pedigree supporting the needs of highly sophisticated investment strategies means we can manage trades for both listed and unlisted asset classes, including OTC.


Truss Edge brings you an automated system that cuts down on the man hours required for portfolio reconciliation. Reduce manual errors and integrate your reconciliation tasks with the rest of your business, drawing on the same data resources for a range of tasks.

Portfolio Accounting

Our proprietary Safari technology can power all your portfolio accounting activities. Safari ensures all trade confirmations are maintained within a single independent system.

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