“We’re not just going to be a piece of your infrastructure; we are going to BE your infrastructure!”

Thomas Byrne
Client & Business Development
Truss Edge 


Our Process

The highly customizable Truss Edge portfolio management process is secure, web-based and easily accessible from anywhere in the world. We combine front, middle and back office activities into Safari, the homogeneous web-based system that can meet your precise processing and reporting needs.

Our cutting-edge services have their origin in Truss Edge’s pedigree as a global multi-strategy fund, operating the proprietary Safari portfolio management system with a cohesive and motivated team. Manage risk, exposure and compliance with the same system that handles order execution, settlement, reconciliation, regulation and accounting. Safari is the industry’s unique end to end platform.

How Safari works

Access your portfolio management data and reports remotely via a secure web interface.
Connect seamlessly to market counter parties, data providers and your legacy environment with our straight through processing (STP).
Draw on our extensive library of existing report templates.
Download, access or schedule reports in the format that you require.
Permission access across your team according to your own operational requirements.
Operate from a single source, robust processing platform so that all processes are working from the same, accurate portfolio activity.
Use our report writer or work with our team to build highly customized reports.

Truss Edge Operations Manager Mary Haas explains how our team supports daily operations.

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