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Latest Improvements to Safari Middle Office Platform

Truss Edge has updated its Safari technology platform with further features that address the operational needs of asset managers.

The user interface is of paramount importance for investment personnel, and Truss Edge has responded to fund manager feedback. The Safari menu system has consequently been replaced with a modern framework.

This starts with a new logon which will be used to support additional improvements over time.  Safari also has a completely new menu system.  Existing users will be able to migrate to this menu system so that organizations can roll this out under their own management.

Users will be able to customize their own menus, allowing Safari to reflect their own approach to using the system.

The modern framework also has functional improvements which allow fully granular access control.  This aligns with client organizations’ desire to implement their own information security policies.

Bond data improvements

Functional improvements in data discovery on bonds have also been improved to better consume ratings data and time series coupon data. This improved data supports better insights for the portfolio manager of the portfolio coupon rate and risk.

Retiring old features

As Truss Edge continues to modernize features in Safari, it is also retiring older features.  In this release Truss Edge has removed a number of legacy functions that are no longer needed.

Jay Duffy, CEO of Truss Edge, commented:

“Successful asset management technology has to evolve to meet the changing needs of fund managers, of regulators, and of the market environment in general. Part of the success of Truss Edge Safari over the past two decades, and the reason it remains in demand, is the ease with which it can be configured and updated to meet the requirements of asset managers.”

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